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​+ Who are you & what do you want?
I'm just a guy who wants to film stuff & make art while earning a honest living, leave me alone! I mean, don't leave, come back & check out my site or contact me! fgtv

​+ Why do you primarily use Paypal?
Paypal is a simple & safe way for us to conduct transactions whithout anyone losing out. If either of us has a complaint, Paypal acts as a fair mediator to make sure services which have been paid for are carried out & delivered as stated & that payment for these services is promptly & accurately transferred. Setting up a Paypal account is very easy, quick & means you'll be able to carry out transactions with others easier too.

+ What is Tough Ted Productions?
Tough Ted Productions is a small company started by my wife & I in 2019. We use it as an umbrella for our projects, businesses & other endeavours. The company is easily traceable & we work hard to keep ourselves protected but also as transparent as possible.

+ What if I'm not satisfied with my final product?
Using a background in customer service, I always pride myself on endeavouring to go above & beyond to keep my clients satisfied. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. In such cases I always try to reach a fair compromise without anyone losing out. This involves compensation for my time rather than the unsatisfactory product & a strategy to make sure the clients objectives/products are in a better position than when I was first approached. I must be notified of any dissatisfaction within 14 days of the final product delivery. I do ask clients to wait for me to try to rectify any negative situations before reviewing my process.

+ Do you have an available c.v?
Yes, I'm happy to send a .pdf on request. This site itself is sort of a c.v. for me but I will make an accessible document available on the site shortly.
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