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Welcome to my website! I am Rhys, a film maker & artist specialising in digital video production, illustration, graphics & painting. This website is the culmination of my work which I hope you have time to check out!

Below you can see my showreel, latest news & an introduction to the services I provide. On the history page, you can check out some of my history of projects & collaborations.

In videos & other media there is a collection of my main work: videos, art, photographs & cinegraphs. Finally you can contact me or see the finer details in hiring me on the contact/hire page.

Don't be afriad to get in touch & I hope you enjoy my website.

Latest News

My Services

I'm avaliable to hire for content production & artistic services. I've had an extremely wide range of filming experience in all sorts of situations. For ease, there are two main categories of content production within my services: pre-planned production with a written document acting as the bible of required content & cinema verite style, capturing of a live event or happening with enough coverage to create a video. You can find many examples of both in my work.

In art, I have worked with different types of paint, pencil, technical pen, clay & have made film props with multiple materials. I've separated each service I provide into 7 categories below, click any to see the ins and outs of what each process involves & what the final product is.

For examples of my work, please check out the videos and other media pages. If you want more details on these services, have any questions or want to hire me, get in contact via the contact/hire page.
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